Beginning the year together

The CBC Fremantle community gathered together in prayer on Monday evening, in one of the most important events on the College calendar.edit_img_0375.jpg

Despite some initial concerns, the community was blessed with good weather for the annual liturgy, with more than 1,800 students, staff and parents congregating in the Cloisters for a poignant service honouring the faith tradition of the College.

This year, the Mass was celebrated by Father John Sherman, who served as Fremantle Parish Priest between 2002 and 2009, and returned from Brisbane for this special evening. During his Homily, Father Sherman shared stories from his time working in schools, encouraging the boys to be selfless in a world that encourages selfishness.

The Mass also celebrated the commissioning of 10 Special Eucharistic Ministers, who this year will assist in the celebration of the Eucharist at the College. The Special Ministers completed a Diocesan course in 2016, and received crucifixes to wear as they minister Holy Communion to their community.

Four new staff members were also commissioned at the Mass, and blessed by the whole community in a warm CBC welcome. Mr Gary Bonney, Ms Kerry Faichney, Mr Daniel Kennedy and Ms Chloe Lynn were reminded of the importance of their role in developing tomorrow's gentlemen.

The Opening Mass is a special evening, recognising and strengthening the relationship between the College and its community, and highlighting the shared journey of the students, families and staff at CBC.