Community Liturgy for Mother's Day

Community Liturgy for Mother's Day

Fr Sebastian at the Mother's Day Liturgy.

CBC boys spent a special morning with their mums at the College Mother's Day Liturgy followed by morning tea at the College.

Mr Adrian Correia opened the Liturgy with a moving speech about his own mum and how he is the man he is today because of her example. Mrs Correia dabbed her eyes with tissues as she listened to her son encourage the boys to make time to show appreciation and love to their mums.

Parish Priest, Father John Sebastian, recalled stories from his own childhood. As one of nine, his upbringing was certainly different to many of the boys', but his message was one that touched the hearts of the entire community.

Fr Sebastian urged boys to take care of their mothers, saying that happy mothers make happy families, which make happy nations.

Year 12 student Nicholas McMahon also spoke to the boys, reminding them to notice the work of their mothers and the important role they play in their formation.

The Parent Auxiliary then assisted in putting on a delicious morning tea in the Cloisters.