Dancing on the journey

Dancing on the journey

Boys were able to show off the dance moves they've been learning for Friday's social with Iona.

Mothers shared a special evening with their sons on Tuesday as the young men showed off the results of their dancing lessons prior to the Year 9 Social on Friday night.

The students from Mr Butcher and Mr Correia's Rite Journey classes beautifully decorated the Arts Learning Area and organised food for the event, which was part of the challenge component of the rite of passage programme.

After the dancing, the mums enjoyed an emotional moment when shown a video the boys had made, celebrating the special relationship between mothers and their sons.

The Mums were very impressed with their son's skills on the dance floor, and the evening was one that will be remembered forever.

The Rite Journey programme is an integral part of the CBC journey from today's boys to tomorrow's gentlemen, and encourages students to take risks in a safe and supportive environment to aid their social, emotional and spiritual growth.