Double serve of Rice

Double serve of Rice

Rice representatives Isaac Pollard and Tom Corrie with the perpetual House Swimming shield.

For the second year in a row, Rice House snatched victory at the House Swimming Carnival on Friday with a nail-biting finish to a day of sportsmanship and fun.

Competition was close throughout the day, with each House taking its turn at the top of the table. Even the relays, which usually separate the scores in spectacular fashion, failed to produce a clear winner. In the end, the boys in yellow managed to get over the line by only 12.5 points ahead of their traditional swimming rivals, Samson.

With an emphasis on participation, every boy at the College competed in at least one of 182 events at the Carnival, ranging from freestyle and backstroke, to bodyboard and tube races and water displacement competitions. Staff didn't miss out on the fun either, with teachers joining their respective Houses for the final event, the super relay.

The House Swimming Carnival continues to be a popular event on the College calendar, and allows students to demonstrate their commitment to personal excellence outside the classroom and promotes House spirit.