House Week Fun

House Week Fun

Year 12 boys from Samson House prepared bacon and egg burgers for the House Week Breakfast

CBC Fremantle's inaugural House Week celebration was a massive success, with the entire College community supporting more than 30 associated events.

Over the course of the week, the four Houses competed for pride and glory in a variety of sports, including AFL, indoor soccer, basketball and even table tennis. The festivities also included a race around the Cloisters, a Battle of the Bands, the inaugural House Debating Competition, 'CBC's Fastest Arm', and concluded with the World's Greatest Shave.

The King of the Cloisters was a new favourite for many, with one boy from each House competing in a race to find each year group champion, with a final super relay for the king of kings.

The World's Greatest Shave also proved to be popular with the boys, especially when Mr Domenic Burgio, Deputy Principal, and Mr Adrian Correia, Head of Rice House, shaved their luscious locks for the cause, alongside 12 boys from Years 10 to 12. You can read more about the Shave here.

In a definite highlight for parents, the House Week Breakfast had the Cloisters buzzing at the uncharacteristically early time of 8.00am. Parents were encouraged to come to school early with their sons to share breakfast from the many stalls and food vans available and to experience a part of their son's life at the College. Year 7 parents were invited to attend an extended Mentor period, meeting their son's teacher and discovering first-hand the organisational and community benefits of this first class of the day.

Although the week was great fun for the entire CBC community, it also provided students a chance to exhibit the qualities of a CBC gentleman. Boys were able to experience the value of giving their best in their chosen fields, while also helping the 'other' in their lives through the charitable element of the festivities.