Year 12s' night of nights

Year 12s' night of nights

Students embraced the opportunity to get dressed up for the evening, putting their own spin on their outfits.

The quality of CBC Fremantle's gentlemen was certainly on show on Friday evening, as the Esplanade Hotel's ballroom transformed into a glamorous celebration of their final year of high school.

Each couple was welcomed by Principal, Shaun Kenny, as well as College Captain, Nicholas Watson, and his partner, Hannah Hussey, before settling in for a buffet dinner, and some delicious desserts.

CBC's boys looked ever so smart in their suits, while the ladies embraced the opportunity to frock up, with red proving to be the colour of choice for many.

Students Harry Golding, Nicholas Watson and Henry Scurry began the formal component of the evening, presenting an acknowledgement of country, the College Captain's address, and leading the event in prayer.

The dancefloor quickly became the place to be after dinner was served, giving the senior students a chance to let their hair down to some of this year's hottest tracks, as well as some old favourites.

It wasn't long before it was time for the formal ballroom dancing sets, which gave the young couples a chance to put their new skills on show, with only a little help from teachers, Emily Bowran and Keely Laing.

Celebrations continued until just before midnight, when a stream of limos whisked the young adults into the night, ending what had surely been an evening to remember.

Before the event, Deputy Principal, Domenic Burgio, spoke of the importance of the event on the College calendar.

"This special evening is a testament to what the boys have learned during their time at the College," Mr Burgio said.

"It is a celebration of the commitment they have shown to their word, and whilst some have not completed their commitment journey, all are on track.

"Paying undivided attention to their partner, participating in formal ballroom dancing sets, behaving in an exemplary fashion and experiencing a joyous evening whilst considering everyone else, all form part of the desired outcomes of the evening."