Teamwork the key for Morgan

Teamwork the key for Morgan

Year 12 relay runners, after all finishing their final carnival with a strong performance.

Morgan House has brought home their fifth consecutive House Athletics Carnival, with excellent participation and teamwork contributing to their win.

The threat of rain wasn't enough to dampen spirits at the Carnival, with boys of all ages making the most of the exciting day and recording fantastic efforts across the board.

Morgan led the day from the beginning, and strong competition from their closest rivals, Patrick and Rice, failed to bring them close to the boys in red.

Year 7 rookies were excited by the atmosphere of the day and showed promising signs of contributing to the College's athletics team's strength in the future.

The Year 12 cohort provided an excellent example to the younger boys at their final carnival, giving their best in every event while proudly cheering on their Houses.

The day includes events ranging from tug-of-war to 100m hurdles, giving boys of all abilities the chance to have fun while giving their best, as is expected of CBC gentlemen.

CBC's Athletics team will now be selected from the day's results, in preparation for next term's prestigious ACC Carnival.

Final Results:

Morgan - 63,435

Rice - 60,644

Patrick - 60,172

Samson - 57,018

Champion Boys:

Year 7: Zac Stevenson (576), Tristan Jensen (566), Alejandro Larranaga-Boyle (562).

Year 8: Samuel Moreno (558), Aalin Mungit-Houston (556), Edward Astill (542).

Year 9: Joshua Stedman (664), Craig Pittson (618), Riley Camarda (586).

Year 10: Conor Larranaga-Boyle (704), Aidan Edwards (676), Marius Harman & Benjamin Lye (672).

Year 11: Joachim O'Hara (648), Alexander Winner (622), Lewis Bradbury (606).

Year 12: Nathaniel Bond-Williams (708), Lachlan Fox (576), Luke Mertens (544).