Year 8 hosts global celebration

Year 8 hosts global celebration

Boys at the Japanese stall had fresh sushi for visitors!

The Cloisters was transformed into a festival of culture today, with Year 8 boys presenting a World Fair as part of Humanities & Social Sciences (HASS) Week celebrations.

The annual event encourages teamwork and fosters research skills as students work together in groups to create a vivid and interactive display of their chosen country's history and culture.

Year 7 boys were the first to experience the stalls, many of which offered traditional food and drink from their chosen country. Canadian-themed stalls proved to be popular, with waffles aplenty, while Indian and Sri Lankan curries were also crowd favourites.

Year 8 boys have been studying Geography in their HASS classes this term and the World Fair serves as a fun activity to finish this unit of study.

The event engages boys with different countries, challenging them to broaden their horizons and develop a greater understanding of different cultures and people.