The Homecoming

The Rite Journey programme for 2016 culminated in a Homecoming ceremony at Point Walter, with the Year 9 cohort being symbolically returned to their parents by The Rite Journey teachers after spending the year learning skills to assist them on their journey to manhood.

After the students were congratulated by their teachers, they joined their families for a short walk along the river for some quiet reflection while the parents presented their young man with a letter of love and affirmation.

At the beginning of the year, the boys are called on their journey to becoming young men at a ceremony at Fremantle's Monument Hill, where they are urged to look back on their childhood and embrace the challenges of becoming an adult.
The Homecoming ceremony follows a cathartic solo camping adventure at Bindoon, The Abyss, where the young men spent a night alone in a tent, contemplating the man they want to be and writing a letter of commitment to their future self.

The Rite Journey rites of passage ceremonies encourage a sense of identity and confidence in adolescents, and provide opportunities for boys to express affection to their parents,