The Rite Journey

The Rite Journey is a unique educational program designed for Year 9 boys which supports the development of self-aware, engaged, responsible and resilient young adults.

cbc20160428_1647.jpgIt is designed to help with the transition to being grown up. The Rite Journey provides our young men with the opportunity of experiencing rites of passage and important life lessons, created and guided by caring teachers and significant adult mentors. The year-long program is delivered to all of our Year 9 students from the beginning of the school year.

A unique feature of The Rite Journey is the seven steps that form a contemporary Rite of Passage. The staff at CBC Fremantle have created a special, memorable series of events, aimed at honouring each young man's transition into young adulthood. Young people crave meaning and ritual in their life, and as a society we haven't provided this very well in the past. Parents and carers are encouraged to be involved in some of these ceremonies and share this part of their child's journey.

In early 2019, CBC's innovative implementation of the Rite Journey program was featured on the ABC's Compass program. You can watch the full episode by clicking here.